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XEN-FIT Challenge

The XEN-FIT Challenge is a 3-step program based on the discovery that chronic stress is a factor that can derail health and fitness in men and women by disrupting healthy hormonal balance and robbing us of energy and resilience. In fact, stress often disrupts multiple biochemical and hormonal pathways affecting appetite, food cravings, energy, mental clarity and metabolism.

The origins of the XEN-FIT Challenge include eight years of Research & Development resulting in the acclaimed book, The Testosterone SWITCH, five published peer-reviewed articles, and Dr. Kyl Smith’s increasingly popular lectures sharing the science of the program with thousands of nutritionally oriented doctors nationwide. This program has been enthusiastically embraced and utilized in doctor’s practices and now, the 3-step program is available exclusively to the Xenesta International Community.

If you feel you’re living a stressful lifestyle, you’ve struggled to reach your fitness goals, or you’ve lost energy and stamina, then take the XEN-FIT 30-Day Life Transformation Challenge! Combine NÜVIVE® BODY with the XEN-FIT Diet and Exercise Program for 30 days to build healthy energy, improve lean body composition and create your own personal Life Transformation!†

For more information on how to take the XEN-FIT Challenge, please click the PDF icon on this page.
In addition, Xenesta's XEN-FIT™ 3-Step Program Guide will be shipped to you along with your
selection of the XEN-FIT™ or XEN-FIT and Focused Products.


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