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MemoryWorks Product

Arianna Thode

College Student and Xenesta Brand Partner
"I love having my MemoryWorks everyday! I am full time college student, full time in food service, and a health conscious vegan. The very first time I used MemoryWorks I had mental energy to clean my apartment in detail and it gave me the focus to do all my homework. I love having this clean energy without needing coffee!"

Maya Joy T.

ICU Nurse and Xenesta Brand Partner
As an ICU nurse, it's very important for me to be mentally focused and energized. MemoryWorks helps me through my long shifts while keeping me focused, and alert. Even better - it tastes great, is low in calories, and contains a lot of essential vitamins and minerals! Thanks, MemoryWorks!

Joy V.

International Marketing Executive, Classical Homeopath, Health and Wellness Entrepreneur and Xenesta Brand Partner
"When I drink my MemoryWorks, I feel a burst of energy in my brain, it's not a stimulating energy like coffee. What I experience is a greater sense of wellbeing when facing the multitude of items that would normally be totally overwhelming for me. I have stamina to complete tasks now, that I have not experienced in years. I love how these nutrients nourish my brain!"

T.J. Rohleder

Xenesta Brand Partner
"I can't live without MemoryWorks! I've been taking this product for less than a year and feel 25 years younger. I have more energy, and my ability to concentrate has never been more powerful. Thank you Dr. Kyl!"

Greg Walton

Xenesta Brand Partner
"Living an active lifestyle - Teaching karate, water skiing, golfing and Frisbee golf are just a few of the things I do to keep active and fit. I work hard, play hard and enjoy life with my wife and son. I take a packet of MemoryWorks daily, which gives me added energy and focus for all I love to do!"

Katrina Oakley

Xenesta Brand Partner
"I wear so many hats... Grandma 12+ hours per day, caregiver for my husband, plus a busy online business... MemoryWorks is a God send! It's my "go to" to keep up with all! Love my MemoryWorks!"

Sara Nicole

Xenesta Brand Partner
"I recently tried MemoryWorks while at a long weekend conference. It gave me the focus and mental energy I needed to get the most out of what I was learning throughout the event. It also gave a natural boost of energy without any jitters."