Xenesta's revolutionary products are formulated with internationally researched bioenergetic nutrients and botanical ingredients. We leverage the power of direct sales coupled with referral marketing through social media to create opportunities to generate both immediate and recurring incomes.

Dr. Kyl Smith

Dr. Kyl's commitment and passion to utilize Premier Internationally Researched Bio-Energetic Nutrients and Botanical Ingredients to formulate MemoryWorks was the key to Xenesta's success from the beginning.

Who we are

Why Dr. Kyl Smith Created

Xenesta International

The "why" behind Xenesta has been called "the perfect scenario" for a home-based business opportunity anchored in today's robust Cloud-based technology.

Inspired from all he learned inventing, patenting and marketing "America's #1 Selling Brain Health Supplement," authoring the Brighter Mind® book, and providing continuing education lectures for doctors and nutritionists across the United States, Dr. Kyl built the MemoryWorks® formula for his own family, friends and colleagues' personal use with the goal and intention of creating the "best brain health drink on the planet."

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At Xenesta our mission is simple: to help people be the best they can be - to live empowered through knowledge, tools and extraordinary products that enhance and transform lives!

We strive to accomplish this mission through educational tools and videos that show the current science about brain healthy diets, how to exercise to improve mental performance and which science-based nutrients are beneficial to add to your diet to support healthy brain function.

Science shows that a healthy mind is key to living an empowered life!  Most people recognize the brain as the master organ that controls and regulates every system in the body. To the degree your brain is healthy and vibrant, you are very likely equipped and empowered to manifest or build a healthy body and vibrant, productive life. It's just a matter of knowing what to do to reach your goals, and that's where our educational tools and videos come in!

Dr. Kyl Smith

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The Bio-Energetic and Botanical Ingredients in
MemoryWorks® help healthy adults feel
energized, alert and productive.*

What could you do with
enhanced mental

How to Buy

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Experience the Difference MemoryWorks® Can Make In Your Life!

MemoryWorks® is an ultra-premier brain health drink mix formulated with internationally researched bioenergetic nutrients, botanical ingredients, co-enzymated B-vitamins, amino acids and Krebs cycle intermediates - all designed to assist your fast-paced lifestyle. With a delicious, natural berry flavor, this portable blend makes MemoryWorks® a perfect solution for anyone wanting to experience the benefits of bioenergetic nutrients!

MemoryWorks® is uniquely powered by a blend of internationally researched bioenergetic nutrients and botanical ingredients that help you feel energized.✝︎ These bioenergetic nutrients and botanical ingredients:

  • Increase Mental Energy✝︎
  • Promote Focus and Alertness✝︎
  • Enhance Mental Performance✝︎
  • Help Healthy Adults Stay Focused and Productive✝︎

From work to play, take your health and fitness goals to a bioenergetic level with MemoryWorks®!✝︎

MemoryWorks® is built to be the "cleanest brain health drink on the planet," and frankly, that's not easy to do! Even in health food stores, it's close to impossible to find functional beverages, ready-to-drink products and drink mixes that are not compromised and loaded with shortcuts like grams of simple sugars, artificial sweeteners, additives, toxic preservatives, or cheap, synthetic, store-bought multivitamin ingredients like cyanocobalamin.

Dr. Kyl asked a simple question: "How in the world can so many products claim to be healthy if they're loaded with ingredients that nutritionally oriented consumers know they don’t want in their brain or body?" In answer to this question, he set out to create a functional drink mix that every adult could feel good about drinking every day.

For this reason, MemoryWorks® proudly features:

  • Zero artificial colors
  • Zero artificial sweeteners
  • Zero artificial flavors
  • Zero artificial preservatives
  • Zero acidic carbonation
  • Zero added sucrose, dextrose, fructose or glucose
  • Zero sugary fruit juice concentrates
  • Zero cyanocobalamin
  • Zero magnesium oxide
  • Zero titanium dioxide

NÜVIVE™ BOOST features the superfood combination of Organize Lion's Mane Mushroom, CherryPURE® Tart Cherry Extract, Swiss-sourced Bilberry extract, and FruitOX® - a clinically tested, proprietary blend of standardized fruit extracts from Spain providing a wide spectrum of natural flavonoids and polyphenols with a rich and diverse antioxidant profile. These premier botanical ingredients are all blended to perfection in a powder that mixes well with MemoryWorks, juice, water or your favorite beverage.

CherryPURE® Tart Cherry Extract is packed with potent antioxidants called anthocyanins that give them their deep, dark color and provide numerous health benefits. In addition to promoting cellular health in general - including heart and brain health - they also promote faster recovery of isometric strength and muscle function after exercise.✝

  • Supports muscle recovery after exercise✝
  • Faster relief from aches and stiffness associated with muscle exertion✝
  • Packed with powerful brain / body healthy antioxidants called anthocyanins✝

Lion's Mane Mushroom (Hericium erinaceus) is a strikingly beautiful, medicinal mushroom that appears as a white waterfall of cascading icicles. Lion's Mane mushroom is one of the most interesting medicinal mushrooms: the tea made from Lion's Mane mushrooms has been used for centuries in traditional Japanese herbalism, primarily as a "tonic".✝

  • USDA Certified Organize Hot-Water extract from 100% Lion's Mane fruiting bodies providing Beta-glucans✝
  • Provides myco-nutrients which support natural immune system health✝
  • Supports mental clarity, focus, memory and cognitive function✝


Many, if not, most people are looking for ways to improve health, longevity and vitality. The key is to equip and empower them with the education, tools and science-based products they need to make their goals reality.

Xenesta has invested mightily in these resources by harnessing the power of today's internet Cloud-based technology and made them available to you.

As a Brand Partner, you are equipped to build your own home-based business by providing these resources to others through our robust Cloud-based platform.

With easy-to-use tools, unmatched support and our innovative Prime+ Compensation Plan, Xenesta's turnkey business model is designed to empower you to build and grow your own independent Xenesta business by acquiring, building and maintaining a Retail Customer and Preferred Customer base.

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Start your own Xenesta Cloud-Based business today!

When you choose Xenesta, you're choosing a company that is dedicated to being recognized as the best value-driven, home-based business opportunity in the marketplace today.

We’re confident you will agree once you have reviewed who we are and all we offer through our philosophy and mission, science-based products, robust educational tools and videos, and our brilliantly aggressive and innovative Prime+ Compensation Plan. Powered by Brand Partners like you, these elements work together to bring incredible value to your business and to your customers.


What Makes Xenesta Unique?

Meet the founder

Dr. Kyl Smith

Dr. Kyl Smith is regarded as a pioneer in the world of natural medicine. He is a noted researcher, scientist, author and has devoted his career to helping others naturally achieve optimal health and happiness. He is also well known as the inventor of
"America's #1 Best-Selling Brain Health Supplement."

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The Power of Prime+

Xenesta's Innovative Prime+ Compensation Plan

With work and dedication, a Xenesta business can take your life to the next level. We strive to make the process of building a home-based business income both workable and doable!

With our innovative Prime+ Compensation Plan, the first step is to focus on one thing:

Get 3 Retail or Preferred Customers, and YOU EARN FREE PRODUCT!

Once you have acquired and maintain your 3 Personal Customers, just teach them to do the same thing, and you can begin to earn commissions.

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