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Targeted Exercise

The third of Xenesta’s “Power of 3” Resources for Life Transformation is Targeted Exercise.
When you exercise, you are not only strengthening yourself physically, but you are also
activating your brain in a way that supports the brain-to-body connection in a way that can
lead to many health benefits, especially when combined with the right Diet and Nutritional
supplementation. Xenesta International recommends an incredibly quick method of exercise
that can be performed literally anywhere without any special equipment.

Exercising the XEN-FIT Way involves short bursts of high-intensity-style exercise for 30 to
60 seconds followed by one-to-two-minute recovery periods. Each exercise should be done
at 85–100% of your maximum heart rate. Essentially, XEN-FIT exercising is more like a
sprinter than a marathon runner, but it works because it produces a unique metabolic response
in your body. After exercise your metabolism stays elevated and will continue to burn fat for
the next 24–48 hours!

Please refer to the XEN-FIT 3-Step Program Guide for a list and description of XEN-FIT
Exercises. We also have a series of short videos to show you how easy it is to add Targeted
Exercise to your XEN-FIT and Focused schedule.