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About Xenesta

Dr. Kyl Smith's Bio

Inspired from all he learned inventing, patenting and marketing "America's #1 Selling Brain Health Supplement," authoring the Brighter Mind and Testosterone SWITCH books, and providing continuing education lectures for doctors and nutritionists across the United States, Xenesta’s Founder, Dr. Kyl Smith, envisioned generating new product categories in mental and physical performance. His formulations are science-based, superior products based on Bioenergetic Nutrients and Botanical Ingredients that support stress management and foster a “Better Body and a Brighter Mind”. Dr. Kyl states, "Knowing what I know about this category of nutrients and how they are so beneficial, I wouldn't go a day without them."

In addition, instead of spending tens of millions of dollars in advertising to move Xenesta’s products into the retail marketplace, Dr. Kyl decided to create a worldwide Referral Marketing platform where friends, family, and their colleagues could participate. The dollars generated could be earned by individuals partnering with Xenesta as members of our Community who introduce and share our products with those they know and love.

Today, fans of Xenesta’s Bioenergetic products have referred friends, family, doctors, business
colleagues, and associates to the opportunity to achieve mental, physical, and financial Life
Transformation as members of the Xenesta International Community. Ultimately, Dr. Kyl envisions
millions of people feeling the same way and sharing their experiences with others.